Club Hip Fit
Club Hip Fit

It’s about state-of-mind, not state-of-art

Is there anything sweeter than the feeling of bliss and vitality you get after a good, hard, honest workout? At Club Hip Fit, we specialize in the good, hard, honest workout. The kind that gets immediate and lasting results. No frills, no distractions.  Just you, me and your customized training session… the old school way. I’m KAJ - Kirk Johnson, owner of Club Hip Fit.  I’ve been leading the way through obstacle courses and gym circuits to optimum physical and mental vitality since 1998. I offer personal- and boot camp training. If you want to get in, get it done and get on with your day come check out the new Club Hip Fit.  You’ll feel good!

We inspire the desire to live a healthier lifestyle!

God Bless, Peace & Good Health!

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