Club Hip Fit
P.G.W. (Playground Workout)

P.G.W. (Playground Workout) is the Club HipFit signature service.   It’s old-school boot camp and new-school instruction. P.G.W. incorporates body weight, dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance tubes, jump ropes, kettle bells, climbing ropes, jungle gyms, playgrounds, parking lots, running tracks, stairs, benches and walls. You’ll push, pull, jump, run, skip, hop, crawl, twist, lunge, dip, squat, row, stretch and breathe. KAJ, your boot-camp leader is a highly trained, credentialed fitness professional who understands the science of health and fitness.  So he’ll work you hard… but smart.

What you’ll gain
• Energy
• Muscle strength and endurance           
• Cardiovascular function
• Balance
• Flexibility

What you’ll lose
• Sluggishness
• Fat
• Stress
• Likelihood of developing
     - heart disease
     - diabetes 2
     - other debilitating diseases

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