Club Hip Fit
Personal Training


Do you need some one-on-one, personalized attention?  The HipFit Certified Personal Training Crew is here for you! Experts in their field, HipFit personal trainers give you the extra push you need so you can reach your fitness goals. Gain more shape, muscle strength, tone, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, flexibility and balance.  Learn how to eat well, lose fat and maintain a well-rounded healthy and functional lifestyle. Each customized, 60-minute session is designed to be mind, body and soul transforming.  You’ll have our full attention and supervision so you’ll learn correct form and how to target the trouble areas. We keep it fresh and exciting, focusing on innovative, full-body functional training.  This recruits more muscle fibers and, in return, burns optimum calories. 

Some of the tools we’ll use

Kettle Bells • Dumbbells • Weights • Jump Ropes • Medicine Balls • Stability Balls • Climbing Ropes • Sand Bags

With such variety, your body never adapts and your mind never gets bored. From the fit to unfit, couch-potato to elite-athlete, Club HipFit personal trainers can help you transform and progress.

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